Emotive Style Language Learning Course

To be able to successfully learn a language, you have got to care about it.

The language you are learning (and the method you are using) has to be 100% relevant to YOU. It has to have meaning in your life right now.

That means when you start out, you have to learn things that you would talk about anyway — your age, where you born, your profession, you interests — not rote learning grammar or vocabulary.

The language and the method also have to engage your emotions in a way that makes you care. That’s how you find the motivation to keep learning.

Whether that means you’re excited or you’re in dire need and just have to learn. Any kind of strong emotion (positive or negative) will help in getting results faster.

Focusing on “relevance to YOU” and “emotions” is what makes the Emote Method such an effective language learning technique.

This 30-day online course, designed to get you speaking the language of your choice, even if you’re starting from scratch, and actually enjoy the process of learning.

The course contains short, actionable videos with real-life examples in each lesson, organized into six modules for maximum effectiveness.


Hack Your Life – Step by Step Guide to Unleashing a New You


A world explorer’s secrets to designing, financing and surviving a life of rewarding travel, languages and relationships

Feeling stuck in life, and not knowing what to do next sucks. Especially if you are successful by society’s standards, but feel unfulfilled and unhappy on the inside.

If you yearn to travel the world, learn new languages, meet new people and go on amazing adventures, you have to learn how to set personally meaningful goals, and go after them with a laser like focus.

You need to learn how to plan your travel, manage your finances, deal with stress and anxiety when you put yourself in unusual situations, and do all this without going insane.

This course is your guide to accomplishing these personally meaningful goals, and not worry about what other people think. It took me 5 years in the school of hard knocks to learn all these lessons. But you don’t have to go through the same. I hope this course will help unleash a new you the moment you start applying the lessons I teach within.


Reclaim Your Life By Setting And Achieving Meaningful Goals


Your 1-hour roadmap for figuring out your life goals, accomplishing them, and managing bumps in the road along the way.

Ever get that feeling that you have too many things on your plate and don’t know which one to tackle first? Saying yes to everything that comes your way and getting stuck because you feel pulled in a million different directions?

5 years ago my life was falling apart and I felt like I was going crazy. But I finally got rid of everything that no longer served my happiness, and have designed a life I now enjoy.

That is why I put together this course, to help you figure out goals that are personally important to you. You will learn how to avoid chasing goals that everybody says will make you happy, but that actually don’t. This course will teach you how to focus your time and energy to accomplish these goals swiftly, and avoid getting burned out. And it doesn’t have to take 5 years for you to be able to do all this.